Municipal Development Plan & Land Use Bylaw Review
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Where are we in the process?
A message from the Reeve, Paula Law:
On behalf of the elected officials of Lacombe County Council, I am excited to inform you that the draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) have been completed. The draft plans were built on the valuable feedback we received from the public during the consultation throughout 2016. This is the third informational booklet outlining the main policy and regulation changes to the draft MDP and LUB, as guided by you the public. The draft plans set out the vision for how our community will grow over the next ten (10) years. The upcoming April open house is your opportunity to review the draft MDP and draft LUB, and tell us if we captured your vision for future development in Lacombe County. In order to set out a clear and shared vision for the future development of the County that will ensure we have an attractive, competitive and sustainable place to live for the next decade, we need your input. Please join us in deciding this vision!